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From 1997, The Kosh produced documentary films with marginalised groups. This became an established part of the company's work. These films were produced in collaboration with different organisations in health and education.



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Conversations to Remember

An intimate portrayal of how people deal with end-of-life issues. People with life threatening conditions and carers talk about what is important to them, and in their words “living with dying”. Made in collaboration with, the Oxford Befriending Network, the Policy Research Institute for Ethnicity and Ageing and St. Christopher’s Hospice.

DVD available – duration 44 minutes.
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Moving Forward

south bank in london with many people


Based on in-depth interviews and video diaries, young people bereaved by suicide talk about how they are dealing with this experience. Funded by The
City Bridge Trust, Moving Forward was developed in collaboration with St Christopher's Hospice Candle Project, Bromley Y Counselling, CHUMS children and young people's trust and Balloons bereavement organisation. .

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Talk About Change

Young people living with life-limiting conditions talk about their lives, childhood, teenage years, independence, relationships, sexuality, leaving home, their hopes and fears. Made in collaboration with ACT (Association for Children’s Palliative Care) and different hospices and organisations concerned with children and young people with life-limiting conditions. 

DVD available – duration 35 minutes.
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Identity and the Camera

Nine films including young people in referral units and elderly people in day centres. Funded by the Adult and Community Learning Fund, the Caloustse Gulbenkian Foundation and London Arts.

Young People Talking

two young people and baby

A series of educational films including, sex education and pastoral care in schools. Produced in collaboration with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Department of Health and the National Children’s Bureau.


Community and the Camera

Five films about people dealing with life threatening illnesses developed in collaboration with the National Council for Palliative Care and funded by the Adult and Community Learning Fund.