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Between 1983 and 2013 The Kosh created high quality, innovative physical theatre productions combining dance, acrobatics, original music and language. Its productions won international awards in dance, theatre and film.


maid holds spoon opve face of tall figure with tie

Café Chaos

Comic confusion spills from the kitchen, waiters and diners collide, lovers meet, identities are traded, secrets uncovered, denial and betrayal tear friendships apart; dangerous comedy and a tragic night out are just some of the specials on the menu at Café Chaos. Funded by Grants for the Arts through Arts Council England. Full details here.

storeroom - woman suspened by one hand from beam

The Storeroom
A dazzling cabaret dancer tries to unlock the secret of her
mysterious past. A potent cocktail of glamour, murder
and intrigue. See micro-site/trailer/reviews here.

The Handsomest Drowned Man

A collaboration with acrobats, trapeze artists and performance artists from Circus Space, inspired by a short story by Gabriel Garcia Márquez.

A Square of Sky

A promenade, performance event about refugees and survival of the human spirit, based on Janina David’s account of her childhood in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Twentieth Century Girls
The momentous events of the last century seen through the eyes of two women, encapsulated in a mélange of cabaret acts.

Sadie Potter
A fast talking, eccentric dancer embarks on a comic journey of bizarre adventures as she auditions for yet another part.

Falling Angels

A modern myth by poet Roger McGough created for India’s fiftieth year of independence. Produced and performed in collaboration with the Daksha Seth dance company of India.

Three Point Turn

Three time travellers confront strange and disturbing imagery as they explore a world of distorted perspective and haunting music.

Just Below The Surface
A unique double bill inspired by the poems of Judith Wilkinson. A woman’s lost love captured by a lyrical trapeze artist is juxtaposed with the ferocity of a passionate flamenco dancer.

Klub Anima

The only woman in an underworld of male power – illusion and circus are the setting for an exploration of male and female consciousness.

Dinner Dance

The cellist plays a mournful tune as lives collide and relationships disintegrate in the tilting world of Ben Kelly’s kitchen.

Waving at the Tide

The floodgates open, the dancers roll in. An installation performance event with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, poetry by Roger McGough, music by Howard Davidson sets by Robert Callendar and Elizabeth Ogilvie.

Endangered Species

A fragmented jigsaw of passion and hysteria seen through the stormy lives of a stunning double act. A tribute to the music hall, inspired by veteran acrobat Johnny Hutch.

A Matter of Chance

The Berlin to Paris express thunders through the night as a tragic tale of drug addiction and lost love unfolds in a danceplay by Roger McGough, adapted from the short story by Vladimir Nabokov.

The Edge

A breathtaking duet on a Greek cliff top danced to David Pownall’s poem of estrangement between a mother and daughter.

Peasant on the Run

Siân Williams weaves a flamenco inspired dance of lost happiness to the soulful poetry of Rosalia Castro, choreographed by Maribel la Manchega.

Telling Tales

Three young people mysteriously appear in a penthouse apartment and through an exploration of ritual, grief and mourning come to terms with the death of a loved one.

Marked Cards

In a 1960’s casino seven doomed gamblers play a desperate game that forces them to choose between love and wealth.

The Act

A classic comedia dell’ arte tale featuring a quartet of diving dancers and tumbling acrobats in a madcap world of fun and mayhem.

The Jago

Arthur Morrison’s stirring tale of the London underworld of the 1890’s inspired the Company’s first production, choreographed by Fergus Early and directed by Andrew Norton.