03 WAW - 7Feb09

THE KOSH – ‘The Storeroom’ at Worcester Arts Workshop

It’s been a long time since I last saw the KOSH – and you never quite knew then what to expect!  Well, nothing’s changed. Is it dance, is it physical theatre, is it neither or both of these things? The difficulty in pinning down what it is that the KOSH do had always been at the heart of their appeal and ‘The Storeroom’ maintains the mystery.


At the onset, an elaborate set is illuminated and Sian Williams appears, dressed in a red, vinyl coat – we have already entered a world of sexual tension with a hint of the perverted – and it gets better and better! A story of illicit passion, infidelity, deception, violence and revenge unfolds.


Within minutes you a totally engaged in the narrative which is told in extraordinary lithe, athletic and disciplined movement, gesture, visual illusion, snatches of song and a few words, all accompanied by an evocative soundtrack. Sian Williams is an extraordinary artiste, her range of movement, both graceful and powerful, is breathtaking and her feline features only serve to enhance the sexually-charged atmosphere. And yet this one-woman performance seems to be peopled by a whole cast of characters, all brought to life by her remarkable physical and theatrical ability. That couple caressing there – hang on a minute, there’s only one person in this show! 


Although the performance lasted for about an hour, the interval between the beginning and the end seemed to pass in a matter of minutes. The effect on the audience was universally electric, many of us were stunned into silence for several minutes at the end before words would come to express our reaction. ‘Amazing’, ‘fantastic’, ‘extraordinary’ figured very largely in initial reactions - you could still hear those words being muttered as the audience filed out. A show of fantastic imagination and wit, enhanced by a stunning solo performance by Sian.