13 Hairline: Fringe

The Kosh in The Storerooom

The Kosh have been bringing live events, film and physical theatre to adoring International and British crowds for over twenty five years. This is a company that prides itself on the highest level of production, narrative, and choreography and their latest production, The Kosh In The Storeroom is a fine addition to its impressive back catalogue.

The story begins with a woman in a storage room looking through old boxes and, through flashbacks, we slowly fill in the pieces of the puzzle about what has happened to her character, Zoe. Using elements of vaudeville and film-noir the story tensely follows her tale of adultery, betrayal, deceit and love.

The driving force behind the show is trained choreographer Sian Williams, whose one woman performance is quite simply superb. Brilliantly conveying the complex plot using a host of stunning inventive techniques, such as shadow puppets, a double sided costume to portray two arguing lovers, ventriloquist dolls and all in the tight, little venue of The Gilded Balloon’s dinning room, where every spare inch of space is used for her physically demanding choreographed dancing. Be it tearing around the stage or incorporating hanging horizontal ladders, her physical presence is breathtaking as too are her ventriloquist skills.

This is a fascinating, unique and beautiful production that literally throws every trick and narrative style into its fascinating mix. The opening scenes are perhaps a little too alienating for some, but as the narrative begins to make sense, so the intensity and wonder of the show elevates.


Martin Miller, Hairline: Fringe, August 2009