11 Fest Mag - 8Aug09

The Kosh in The Storeroom

Fringe veterans The Kosh return with a theatre piece, which has all the hallmarks of the quality one has come to expect from them. Telling the story of a showgirl trapped by her love for a married playboy, Siân Williams weaves a web of suspense that culminates in a memorably dramatic finish.

Technically, the piece is near flawless. The creative use of costume and props, and their well-timed, subtle changes, bring the complex piece together without distracting from the dialogue or movement on stage. Similarly, the use of stage space is excellent – there are no wasted set pieces or unused corners, magnifying the illusion that Williams isn’t working alone by creating a flowing dominance of the room and the musical arrangement transports one into the showgirl’s world. 

. . . The Storeroom is a technically impressive piece of new theatre, executed with a passionate and accomplished performance from the female lead.


festmag.co.uk, 8 August 2009