06 The Independent - 19Aug09

The Kosh in The Storeroom, Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh

Sian Williams is an Edinburgh veteran, having appeared on the Fringe every year for the past quarter century with her company The Kosh.


In an intriguing and dream-like lunchtime performance, this year's show is an exploration of memory with music, dance and even a little ventriloquism. But this is not just anybody's recollections we're rifling through, it's Zoe's a rebellious schoolgirl turned showgirl who embarks upon a torrid affair with a gangster type and winds up in prison, serving 10 years for a crime of passion she didn't commit.


Dressed in a red beret, red PVC mackintosh and matching scarlet wig, Williams prowls muscularly about her tiny stage, rooting in the trunks, containers and baskets of her femme fatale character's mind, turning up props and costumes, performing an entrancing showgirl routine while hanging from a ladder and playing all the parts in the noirish narrative, from Zoe to her pin-striped, wide boy lover, Artie and in the best scene, both at once.


She's a precise, compelling dancer and Michael Merwitzer's production has plenty of style with some clever visual tricks, building from a bewildering start to a thrilling denouement.

Alice Jones, 19 August 2009