05 Centre Stage - 9May09

THE KOSH – John Moore Foundation, Derbyshire

The Storeroom, A Magical Cabaret. A Kosh Production: Performed by Sian Williams. Conceived and Directed by Michael Merwitzer and Siân Williams.


This is dance theatre at its best, a one-woman show with dance, music, song and the spoken word, full of ingenuity and imagination, and presented with the very highest quality production values – writing, direction, choreography, lighting, staging, music, props, sound design - which have been the hallmark of The Kosh's work for many years.  Added to this are elements of vaudeville, film noir and Raymond Chandler, creating a haunting story of betrayal and deceit in a cabaret setting.


Siân Williams brings her incredible physical presence to the piece; a beautiful controlled dance sequence suspended from a horizontal ladder is perhaps the most hypnotic, and demonstrates her great strength and versatility as a dancer.

She is an immensely alluring dancer, with astonishing diverse skills, demonstrating considerable talent in singing and ventriloquism.  It’s a total dance theatre performance, lasting over an hour and engaging the audience from beginning to end.

Technically this show is an exceptional achievement, particularly for presentation in community spaces, full of innovation and stunning technical devices, which succeed in creating the impression of a much larger cast.  Two pairs of legs play out a terse love and retribution scene on a miniature knee-high stage; two figures locked in a tangled embrace appear in the doorway of a smokey room; a two-sided costume provides the illusion of a face-to-face encounter between the lovers keeping the audience on the edge of their seats in anticipation, constantly grappling with what the eye is actually seeing and what the brain thinks it’s seeing.  It lives up to its word in being “magical”.


This production has a European feel to it; it fuses dance, spoken narrative, music, song, puppetry and ventriloquism and multi-media.  It is much more than dance or physical theatre; it is art at its indefinable best.


Alun Bond and Sue Roberts, 09.05.09